Projects that caught our Eye in 2014

In no particular order,below are the projects that caught our attention in 2014... and the reasons why...Enjoy
 First off is Tuzo za Watu,its the first general awards (besides Kili Awards,of course) that took place this year giving a chance for the public to nominate and vote for their choices. To many,this was an alternative to those categories that people were not very happy with at Kili awards...I don't agree,cause i believe this is People's Choice Awards giving more opportunities to Tanzanians achievers to be celebrated..
 Second is the Hassan Maajar Trust Fund,an initiative that keep uplifting Tanzanian pupils from the floor onto descent desks. We are proud supporters of this initiative
While Hassan Maajar Trust Fund keep the children on school desks, the Flaviana Matata Foundation provides them with essential school items like bags,exercise books,pencils etc. In 2014,the foundation impacted thousands of Tanzanian children in coastal regions.
This is the most trending project of 2014...The Nyamachoma Festival as created and organized by Carol Ndossy and her team. And when it moved beyond borders to Rwanda and Uganda,we are hooked!
 Jokes aside,Diva Giving For Charity is one project that kept growing throughout 2014. Keep doing what you do,Diva
 Coming to Alaska...OMG! Jennifer Bash has proven that all is possible! We started by buying the Alaska eggs and now she added rice and more to come. 2014 has been a great year for Alaska Tanzania
 This is a special recognition to Khadija Mwanamboka,a fashion designer who hosts a number of orphans who are HIV+, who turned into an entrepreneur on agriculture produce and now owns the VVK organic food restaurant and shopping centre... ooh dear!
Last but surely not least,is Nelwa's Gelato,an ice cream brand by Ms Mercy. She started small and now she sells ice cream in all Nyama Choma Festivals,Fiesta music concerts and more...

One thing you might have noticed,all the above initiatives have been started and are run by Ladies of Tanzania! I applaud you all, Keep Inspiring

We can't wait to see what 2015 has to offer. Happy New Year to YOU and Yours :)

Missie Popular
C/o Popular Links Team


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