Fashion, Style and Poses at #ShareaCoke Dar Eevent

 Mama Kijacho Hamisa Mobeto looking radiant in red...
 Lingerie model Maggie
 Top and Bottom ladies, we might not know your names but we like the styles

 Not so sure but was a fun day
 Maria and Gloria
 The amazing DJ Choka...
 Miss Tanzania 2014 was one of the attractions on that red carpet...
 Blogger Lemutuz on the right
 Miss Tanzania beauties met on the red carpet
 Great people....this lady looked amazing in her velvet mini dress
 Seth (Bikira wa Kisukuma) on the right,busy updating his Instagram
Designers Rio Paul & Mgece Makory and Kevin
 Perfect Crispin with Madam Ritha...

Annnndddd...Here is the Popular Links dream team. Ranging from Missie Popular blog writers/contributors, Social Media account executives to Financial Accounts manager...
My very own Dream Team...missing One key person, our General Manager and engine, Husna.

Pictures taken by Maria of Missie Popular Blog

Missie Popular


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