Tausi Likokola launches the Tausi Dreams Perfume

I believe by now you are aware of the return of the African Princess,Tausi Likokola,to her motherland Tanzania. Well,besides her humanitarian missions like visiting entrepreneurial women and more,Tausi launched her perfume and is set to launch a book as well
 The Perfume is called,Tausi Dreams

 The launch took place Thursday 26th Feb at La Petite Galerie,at Oysterbay Shopping centre
 One great way of introducing a new product is doing so to the specific people that promises to be your market..and Tausi captured that perfectly

 Tausi Dreams ready for your grab
 Besides the perfume launch, la Petite galerie also showcased the new swimwear collection by designer Vida Mahimbo
 These are some of her amazing pieces
 Need I say more?

Always a pleasure to bring you what happens around the world...

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