Diamond Platinumz ditches on Kili Awards (KTMA)

So,while many other artists have their Social media pages (and those funny fan pages) with VOTE FOR ME posters,Tanzanian sensation Diamond Platinumz went the opposite! He respond to his fans who inquired on his VOTE FOR ME posters,with the below message...

As we post this,that Part 2 was not on air yet...so,here is M.P's opinion on this...

Yes,its a great message from someone who is actually "running" the Tanzanian music industry now. There have been lots of cries and talks since the KTMA nominees were announced,from both the artists and we, the fans. We still dont know what happened since it is US the fans who send in our nominations,however,there is a need for the KTMA committee to address this matter before these awards loose the societies' interest...like the way Miss Tanzania did

We push to have more talents recognized and get appreciated...to boost their morale and of course,get more kids off the streets. Let's not make another mistake..

On a different note...this might be a chance for Tuzo za Watu to show how impactful it is...another man's misery is your new shine *wink

Anyhow...we are still anxiously waiting for the red carpet fashion and style fun from both events...

Missie Popular


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