From the Red Carpet of Met Gala 2015

Lets start the parade with those who needed an extra layer of clothing...(Pictures by Getty Images)
Am I the only one who is tired of Bey's nudity? Frankly,this is just too trashy!
Kim is showing how inspired she is by everything Beyonce! Its sad really...
Another see-through for this year...
Sorry Miler,what exactly where you trying to show us?
Can somebody help me count the number of legs and hands she has?!
Models showing off their great bodies..but i think this dress makes her look fat,dont you?
Ooopss..another see-through... am waiting to see who will dare copy this style for the Kili Awards this
Now,lets come to those who rocked the red carpet


Koh koh....

I think the above is one of my favorite looks...

Can somebody call Rio Paul please?! A stylist is urgently required here...and no Kris,not one of your very talented daughters
Since it was a Chinese theme this year,RED COLOR is inevitable

Kili Music Awards and Tuzo za Watu are coming soon...are you ready for the red carpet look

Missie Popular


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