Martin Kadinda's Ng'asti Collection

It was all showcased at the Mtoko Designs fashion event this weekend. After seeing the Martin Kadinda Ng'asti advert, you can imagine how intrigued and excited I was....well,until I saw the models pass on the runway

I love your work Martin BUT what exactly was this collection about? I ended up looking at the models than what they were showcasing

Worse enough, the MC's introduction of the collection talked about a JEANS collection! Specifically, a Jeans collection which any WORKING MAN can even wear them to their offices... So,at the end of the fashion event I was left wondering 'where are these cool jeans pieces?"

All we got was these male hoodies...
With this, let me sincerely request Martin to do something extra....

All pictures by Albert Manifester

Missie Popular


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