The Bodacious Collection by Salim Ali of Mtoko Designs

You might remember our posts last week on the Fashion event by Tanzanian designer, Salim Ali of Mtoko Designs. Well, the event took place at New Africa Hotel on Saturday, and saw a full house participation!
The Collection showcased featured shorts, trousers and jumpsuits of two main colors...
I must say, if it was an exhibition of designs to be used for Corporate events for Ushers, or Air Hostesses of certain Airlines...Or even a group of Miss XXX for their group dance would have been fantastic!

However, the lack of variety in design...and the continues monotony of the same many of the participants leaving the venue a little unsatisfied.

I just wish the great designs we saw were in different materials, different cuts, various know! I hope you get my point,Salim.

However, it was a very well styled collection, kudos to Salim and Dr Linda

Great makeup by Salum Abdallah...

All pictures by Albert Manifester

Missie Popular


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