Due to my Mama's Cry, Here are the Effects of High Heels to Your Body

So,this has been quite a popular song on my mother's lips... "Stop wearing high heels!!" I think if its a tagline,then hers is the kind used for flammable materials...lol

Well,after reading more on the effects of wearings high heels,especially for longer times...now I understand my mother better. Take an example of the injuries caused by high heels on our feet,as seen below...
This happens to many of us...especially when you force to wear shoes that are smaller in size or just too tight...
And then there is that pressure we put on our toe joints...
Let alone the ankle sprains we endure every now and then... It's alot indeed....
Am not saying we should all wear ballet flats everyday,since even THEY have health problems..
Well,they are better with these additional feetpads, since the ballet flats are just too flat... According to Brenner,ballet flats provide no arch support... "There's no arch support whatsoever," she tells WebMD. That keeps the feet from functioning optimally and can lead to knee, hip, and back problems.
And then there is this problem,one of the reasons why i hate wearing open high heels...the pressure on those toes is just too much and causes unnatural movements as well as dis-configuration of the toes.

See the below which was posted by Huffingtonpost in 2013

The True Effect of High Heels
The True Effect of High Heels infographic

I know you will continue wearing high heels even after reading this...well,I will too...BUT let's this of these five things in order to stay health;
  •  Choose less of pointed toe-heels and more of wide heels
  • Wear high heels on the days when you have less walking and standing moments
  • Make sure the shoe bends at the toe box, but is not too flexible.
  • Make sure there is a sufficient arch support.
  • Choose a chunky heel that is less than 2 inches high (HARD,I know...)

So, my dear fashionistaz, let's change our heel-wearing habits,shall we?

Missie Popular


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