Sponsor A Girl with Sanitary Pads

Do you know?

Only 12% of girls and women in the world have access to the proper sanitary products? 

Girls in rural areas don’t attend the classes for 4-5 days in the month due to lack of the sanitary products in their menses. It means that during the year they miss out around 2 months of the classes! 

Being concerned about that and celebrating International Day of the Girl Child TAI organisation decided to help girls in school of Bagamoyo by informing them about the importance of the menstrual health and provide them Binti boxes with basic sanitary products.

Would you like to make lives of these girls easier? You can help by sponsoring boxes! The cost of one Binti box is 7 000. Our goal is to provide it to 500 girls on 9th October, but your contribution to even one box will make big difference!

Want to know more? visit the site www.tai.or.tz to see what we have already done and what we are working on right now.

Your help will be highly appreciated!

I urge you to help make a girl's life a bit easier...

Missie Popular

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