Taraji P. Henson releases "Cookie" on CR Fashion Book

 We are all talking about Taraji P. Henson, especially now that EMPIRE is back with a new Season. "Cookie" is a character that caught many of our attention and this photoshoot by CR Fashion Book just brought her to life again!
 in this Interview, Taraji talks about life and hardships she faces everyday, including loosing her father...

"My dad died right before I went into production for Benjamin Button, and I was devastated. I was compartmentalizing my pain, but this movie forced me to deal with it. Just as my father died I was playing this woman named Queenie, who runs an old-age home, and all she does is deal with death every day. God is interesting. A few months later God says, “I’m also going to take your cousin.” she tells CR

" Let me take you on a trip. My cousin had been battling AIDS and he passed away on the same day that my character died. This is my cousin who took me to drag shows. He told me about down-low brothers, he may have saved my life. He also taught me about being a lady. He told me ladies carry clutches on the red carpet, so sometimes when I don’t carry a clutch I feel I’m disgracing him. It’s the simple stuff you miss in a person. No one ever taught me how to properly put toilet tissue on the spool, with the flap hanging toward you, not underneath. He taught me that, and it lives with me to this day. Whenever I go into someone’s bathroom and their tissue isn’t the right way, I look up in the sky, and I go, Damn!" continues Taraji P. Henson.
Remember, this beauty is 45 years old and she has one child,a son..... Don't you wish to stay this beautiful as you grow old?! I surely do :))

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