Adelina "Retoucher" Tibesigwa- The new name in Tanzania's Fashion Industry

 If you know OsseStudios,you might have noticed that of late most of his pictures have a tag for AdelinaRetoucher... Well,Ms Adelina Tibesigwa is a Photo retoucher working at OsseStudios and the creator of such amazing fashion photos we see on their page...These are just some of her work
 She works magic in balancing light,skin tones and more...don't know the technical work that goes into this but i can just appreciate the results. With the help of great make up by Ndibs,and the amazing shots by Osse,the retoucher finishes off to bring quite an enhanced product...Check the differences below...
 Can you see the changes?

Keep doing what you do,Adelina...cause we are watching closely and we really are intrigued...

Missie Popular


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