From the Kitchen Party Gala 2015- Hair, Make-up and Accessories

 Tanzania has got such beauty wallah! The kitchen party gala this year saw a lot of new faces and it was refreshing! Here are some of the Hair, Make-up and Accessories that caught our attention
 Statement neck pieces were such a trend at this event...

 Madini hayakukosekana.... gold shining everywhere....

 Hair styles ranged from hot shorts to twisted braids and more...

 You are not in an African event if you do not meet the matchy head wrap and attire...especially in African prints!

 Need I say more?!

 Such beauty!

 Since the theme of the event was Khanga...the women showed off their khanga styles in every way possible
Smiiiile....Ekotideeeee hahahhahaha

Red carpet looks coming up....

Missie Popular


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