The People at "Happily Ever After" event by Aunt Sadaka

 Aunt Sadaka gave a warm welcome to all the ladies and guests of Happily Ever After this Sunday. The talks were just life changing good!
 And the guests looked amazing!

 If you are a lady living in Dar es Salaam and you missed this session, please plan to attend the next one...

 Aunt Sadaka gave the Ugly Truth on how we keep blaming others for our mistakes and misfortunes instead of LOVING OURSELVES and taking charge of our own lives

 Taking notes,I see you smart lady!

 The conversations didn't end within the room,people continued to expound the lessons even as they left the venue

 And the good part of it all,the sessions are for ladies of all ages...

 Great job to Aunt Sadaka and the whole team
Age,Wealth,Color,Size...they all are irrelevant when it comes to owning your life...Get that self love by the horns and strive!!

Missie Popular


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