Brands by Tanzanian Ladies

Proud is the person who celebrates the success of those who try to do good and move up the ladder,on their own efforts. And if I never said this before, I AM SUPER PROUD of these ladies and more who do a lot to change the business game in Tanzania
To start with...there is Shekha Nasser who started off with selling beauty products and now has her own brand of LuvTouch Manjano. Foundation,Powder and Lipstick by a Tanzanian lady!
If that's not enough, Hellen Dausen who is former Miss Universe Tanzania came up with her range of products ranging from soap to hair and body oils...all made out of natural produce from Tanzania! Nuya's Essence is the name of the brand
In 2015 we also saw the birth of "Kiss by Wema Sepetu"...a range of shades of lipstick by former Miss Tanzania,Wema Sepetu
Have you ever tried the Chocolate Mamas? I have,and will testify that for a person who do not eat chocolate that much,I can have a bar of chocolate mamas anytime! Great job by Jacque!
For those with young kids, Dina Marios brought a solution to baby oil...the Coconut Oil specific for your baby's flawless skin.
And recently,we saw Lavy enter the market as the first ever nail polish brand by a Tanzanian. This being the work of Supermodel Flaviana Matata who is widely known for her love for nail polish...

Did I leave anyone out on this list? Please put a comment below and we will feature those Inspiring people right here...

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  1. you left out a lot of women that are not known but who are impacting the society with their brands... i love Nuya and how she turned her loves for natural hair and skin to a profitable business in Zanzibar . i have seen kitetez LNDA WHO IS TURNING GIRLS TO BEADERS AND AT THE SAME TIME SHE IS MAKING A LOT OF PROFIT