Chanel Iman Sports Illustrated 2016 shoot includes Uru Diamonds!(PG 18+)

Saturday, February 20, 2016 Missie Popular 0 Comments

 Kudos to Uru Diamonds who saw the opportunity to reach the world and grabbed it my the horns! Sports Illustrated decided to shoot their 2016 first shoot in Zanzibar...and the Supermodel is Chanel Iman. So...Uru Diamonds got featured as you can see above,soooo hot hot!
 The swimsuit photoshoot also featured the Tanzanian Maasai group...

 If thats not enough, a python was brought in!

 Aaaahhhhh...never mind

All in all,it would be a crime not to celebrate Uru Diamonds for this shout out!

Missie Popular

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