Fashionista Workout Inspiration

 Have you joined the gym yet? If not,then you are missing out on the "Stay Fit" trend that's taking Tanzania fashionistaz by storm! Kiki Fashions owner,Kiki Zimba,is among the members in this trend for 2016
 We have seen Lulu doing her thing...though I think she slowed down in 2016. However, we both know a day cannot pass without looking at her Instagram posts, admiring her great body shape
 Jokate Mwegelo a.k.a Jojo is working on that flat tummy...and her gym outfits have all of us talking ;)
 The ever beautiful Maza Sinare of Maznat Beauty Salon is one inspiration that keep me going! You will never look beat, old or lazy when you invite the gym into your life...
And Zari...oooh that body she gained back after her baby,just amazing! An inspiration for new moms to get that post pregnancy belly out!

Get Inspired,Get Fit!

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