FIESTA CONDOMS- A New Condom brand launched by DKT International

DKT international a charitable non-profit organization that promotes family planning and HIV prevention throughsocial marketing has introduced “Fiesta condoms” into the Tanzanian market.

The DKT International condom brand, launched over 20 years ago and available in more than 40 countries in the world was officially introduced in Tanzania at Ledger Plaza Bahari Beach hotel in Dar es Salaam. The launch of the brand came just in time for Valentine’s Day which is also the International condom awareness day.

Speaking at a press briefing DKT International Tanzania’s Senior Marketing Manager Mr. Davis Kambi said he strongly believes it is high time Fiesta condoms were made available in the Tanzanian market.

“This is the first time that we are introducing the brand into the Tanzanian market in a move to meet the ever changing needs of consumers, we know with a great degree of certainty that consumers are looking out for a vibrant and colourful brand like Fiesta.

He said the launch of Fiesta condoms is geared to give couples a brand that builds their intimacy, Fiesta exists to build fulfilling relationships. The launch of Fiesta is part of a multi-tiered consumer driven condom strategy that focuses on availing multiple brands targeted to specific consumer groups.

 “Fiesta condoms cater to passionate discerning couples who seek adventurous fun and deeper meaningful emotional bonding. Fiesta is colourful, playful, expressive, cultured, egalitarian, altruistic and boundless. Fiesta is a fabulous feeling, a party and intimacy. Fiesta is urban contemporary brand that competes favorably against top ranked international condom brands.” Said Mr Kambi.

Fiesta has a range of over 55 different flavoured condoms and over 60 variants but for a start DKT Tanzania has introduced 4 different variants; Fiesta Heat, Fiesta Ultra-thin, Fiesta Strawberry and Fiesta Max dotted. DKT International Tanzania plans to launch an additional three (3) condom brands complemented with a range of variants before the close of 2016.

Mr Kambi said the launch of Fiesta condoms marks a historic moment in supporting the country’s efforts to reach the zero HIV infection goal. He said that a comparison of the 2007-08 Tanzania HIV/AIDS and Malaria Indicator Survey and 2011-12, estimates indicate that HIV prevalence has declined slightly from 5.7% to 5.1% among adults aged 15-49. Similarly, HIV prevalence has declined among women, from 6.6% to 6.2%, and among men, from 4.6% to 3.8% and as an organization that fights HIV and AIDS at all levels they continue to see the need of reducing the risk of contracting the epidemic disease.

He advised that people should always be reminded that condoms are critical because they form the basic foundation to the prevention of STIs/HIV. For this reason, Mr Kambi said it is important that condoms are affordable, accessible and attractive to consumers nationwide.

He further explained that Fiesta condoms will retail at the price of Tshs. 1500 for a pack of 3 which is a reasonable price for an international standard condom brand. Fiesta condoms will be available in pharmacies, supermarkets, hotels, lodges and high end night clubs throughout the country. He reiterated that consumer campaign plans for Fiesta condoms are underway to promote the new brand.

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