For the Love of Great Socks-The Mx Carter Story

 This is Mx Carter, one of the best Tanzanian event photographers and an amazing digital guru. Mx or Michael as written on his passport,has an addiction that is a bit rare if I may say...He LOVES socks a lot!!!
 When I say A LOT,I mean it....he can stop averything in order to go shopping for socks if he sees a good store

 His addiction is too much to the extent that his online card  needed to be confiscated one time :)))
 What intrigues me is the type of socks he buys...very unique and hippie too!

 When you meet Mx,you will always notice THREE things...One,his socks...
 Second,his unique T Shirts...
 And Third...his Black Santa :))))
These are just some of the socks in his of 2015

Do you have an addiction we can talk about? Send your story to and we will share with the rest of Fashion Addicts in here :))

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