Kids Collection by Monnalisa

 Alice in Wonderland seems to be the theme behind this collection....Bow ties, pantyhose, full gowns and skirts...florals prints...adorable!

 The Italian brand Monnalisa is so good at kids fashion

 And these models though,how cute are they!? myyy ooohh my!

 Inspired yet, to dress up your little one?
Photographs by Riccardo Polcaro

Missie Popular

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  1. Pantyhose are for grownups; they are not for little girls. These girls are well below the age when they should start wearing pantyhose. If a girl wears pantyhose before the 6th grade or age 12, her appearance is being sexualized too soon. Pictures 1, 3, & perhaps 8 are a little too reminiscent of the child beauty pageants that the late JonBenét Ramsey used to participate in. Miss Ramsey was sexually assaulted and killed at age 6 in late December of 1996.

    Granted, the bright red lipstick is missing, and I sincerely applaud you for sticking to little girl Mary Jane shoes instead of high heels. But the big girl pantyhose, combined with the overly sophisticated outfits strike me as inappropriate. Apply the same fashion flair shown in these pictures to apparel for much older girls, and reverse the city slicker cosmopolitan image for the little girls and you will do the world a favor.