Noel Ndale Channeled the Man or Woman of 1970's?

 These are the pants styles of 1970's where women and men wore wide legged bottoms in either colorful prints of double stitched patterns.

What Noel Ndale wore is more of what the women rocked in those days....rather than the men. The men had less wide legged bottoms as compared to the exaggerated women style
 See the difference?
 It is a style that I wish we could bring baccck...hehehehe mainly because i have my trousers that need this trend back :) ... In Tanzania we called the MABWANGA,right?
Belly Button came from these pants ...having buttons that started way up to the belly....

Are you FOR or AGAINST the return of the BWANGA trend?

Missie Popular


  1. I really think noel represented more womanish from 70s but he looked good on it... I want that style back too it is super comfortable

  2. Noel took a womanish of 70's and represented it... I think he took a risk and boom he owned it 100% ... I want that fashion back