Idris Sultan's first Comedy Show receives mixed Reviews

 As the morning after "The Funny Fellas" comedy night arrives,Tanzanian Twitter (TOT) wakes up with such mixed reviews on the show,with many pointing out their disappointments of Idris' performance
 Personally I failed to attend the show,so I had to follow closely on these reviews
 Some went as far as to hold polls checking who is a better comedian between Idris and their Twitter friends...
 What I didn't get though,is the real feedback...what went wrong? How did he disappoint? Was it the content? The delivery? The stage presence? What exactly?
 All i see on Twitter are banters that a a bit petty,to be frank...
Did you attend the show yesternight? Let us know your true feedback,what really went wrong?! Leave your comments below

Missie Popular


  1. No Offence, Idris should stick to Image comedy but not Live stage comedy.. thats my thoughts by the way.. Being a comedian has more than what many people think.. its not about just making people laugh at you but to laugh on your jokes. Just take a look at the biggest comedians you will get the trend and idris doesn't even come close to being a live stage comedian.

    I haven't been in any of his shows.. apart from the events he attends as a guest star but most of them he end up screwing. What i like most is his online joke via instagram and twitter i think he should stick with that as social media is one of the biggest places people earn a living just to post joke.. or may be he should stick with being a Vlogger rather than being a stage comedian.


  2. He has looks... He should become one of stylist or maybe do something in fashion industry but in comedy NO...