A Billionaire in the Making- Meet Edwin Bruno

Today we take a look at one of Tanzania's fast growing entrepreneur, Edwin Bruno. Mr Bruno is the Founder and CEO of SMART CODES LIMITED, a tech company in Tanzania that has a very successful App and also manages other company's digital marketing strategies

As the founder of SMART CODES – A Full service digital agency, Edwin Bruno leads a team of more than 29 employees that have worked together to create one of the most successful apps in Tanzania, M-Paper. This is a platform that distributes newspapers and books directly to a reader’s smartphone. Actually, this application won the AppsAfrica award for the best innovation and educational application in Africa!!

Mr Bruno is also a winner of the Young Achiever of the Year in the Tanzania Leadership Awards in 2015. Ans this year....Bruno was listed on Forbes Africa’s 30 under 30 in 2016 and Quartz Africa Innovator 2016.

So, we took this chance to get to know more from this young Tanzanian who shows promise as the next billionaire.
1. What projects are currently on your table?
We are working to connect all publishers in Tanzania and Africa to digitalize and monetize their news via mobile connected world.

2. Whats a day like in the life of Edwin?
Daily – Working hard to make sure we deliver everything according to what we promised our clients and partners, but most important learning new things everyday in order to solve different challenges.

3. Besides Forbes Africa Under 30,what other achievements do you foresee in the near future?
Developing ecosystem solution that will impact every single person via technology.

4. The tech environment in Tanzania, how do you see the youth benefiting from it?
- Tanzania is the land of opportunity for tech, so everyone has an opportunity to start anything and yet hit to the top.

5. What do you do for fun?
Travelling around the world and break things.

Ooohh...and we definitely know about those travels around the world.... with naniliuu...koh koh.

Do you have more questions for Edwin? Write us a comment below and we will get you the answers...

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  1. I want to be like him, but business is so hard in Tanzania - can we get more insight about how he did it?