Dar es Salaam and the Issue of Food Delivery

 Doesn't this look yummy?!! My mouth waters just by looking at this picture...Now Imagine you see this posted on one of Dar es Salaam food vendors with the number for those who would like delivery services...you call right away and you just can't wait for that lunch time! 1pm comes and go,,no delivery...You call the number again,only to be told the delivery guy is still on other clients and you should call him yourself...you get the number of the delivery guy,he finally makes it to your location...you grab you food,pay him and head to the office pantry to enjoy your lunch...VOILA!!!...
 Soggy fish, burnt chips,no gravy,...just that! Looord they didn't even put that GREEN thingy for you!And for those who orders pizza,you may testify when you receive something like the below....
 For Dar es Salaam dwellers, we have seen the rise of food vendors with promises for delivery services BUT am yet to find someone with a good story to tell on their experience! Starting from GOOGLE PICTURES used on their social media posts, to using crappy guys as delivery boys...am just disappointed!

First of all, why do you not employ/use a proper delivery service company to work with? It's not all of the time your food sucks, but even during those "good food" days, your delivery people are always late, dirty and some have such bad attitudes.  

Anyhow... for the new food vendors who are now selling raw food (veggies and juices) please learn from the mistakes of others...improved and timely deliveries go a long way to make us satisfied.

Missie Popular


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