Jokate Mwegelo gives back to Society- "Be Kidotified"

 "Be Kidotified" a new campaign by Tanzania's former Miss and entrepreneur Jokate Mwegelo,aiming at giving back to the community. Jojo started with renovating and redesigning the sports ground for the Jangwani Secondary girls
 To officiate the campaign was Sophia Mjema,the Ilala Municipal commissioner.
 Jokate didn't do this move alone,she teamed up with Mo Foundation under billionaire Mohammed Dewji
 During the inauguration ceremony,Hon Mjema pointed out the importance of giving back,and appreciated both Jokate and Mo Foundation for touching the lives of these students
 This court can be used for both basketball and netball...

 Many congrats to Jojo and Mo for this initiative
 Oooh and happiest birthday to you Hon Mjema :)
The Jangwani Girls have been Kidotified :))

We are so looking forward to seeing more through this campaign...

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