The SEVEN Tanzania representatives at the Olympic Games, Rio 2016

Many thanks to all Readers who tagged us and sent us info on our Olympics representatives... So,here we go...
We start with our flag bearer, his name is Andrew Thomas Mlugu and he is a JUDO athlete. Andrew is 20years old and he will be contesting on the JUDO 73Kg category,TODAY 16:42 which is 22:42 East African time...That means, lets stay in front of our TVs and watch his performance

 Hilal Hemed Hilal is another rep for Tanzania,22yrs old and he is an amazing swimmer. In this Olympics, Hilal will be competing on the Men 50m Freestyle category
We have seen both Hilal and Magdalena before,both reppin' Tz on the swimming games. While Hilal's competition is on Thursday, Magdalena will be on on Friday, both doing the 50m Freestyle swim
This is Magdalena Moshi, the great swimmer, such beauty with a huge brain...she is 25yrs old, has attended Olympics twice already and she is a PHD student!We saw her at the last Olympics and we just cant wait to see how she does this year
Fabiano Joseph (center) is a long distance runner, 31yrs old and quite a pro in the international competitions.From attending the Commonwealth games to World Half marathons,he has done it all. Will he scoop a medal this year? We pray so
 Alphonce Felix Simbu is another long distance runner. He is 24yrs old and has been in various competitions as well
He is yet to receive any medal and hopefully this year he may get one
 If there is one long distant runner that i have high hopes for, is this guy. His name is
Saidi Juma Makula, 22yrs old and he has an outstanding record!
He has finished No. 1 in many international competitions and we have fingers crossed for a good performance in Rio
Last but so not least, is Sara Ramadhani Makera. She is also a long distance runner representing Tanzania. She is the only female runner in the Tanzanian team

And there you have it....The SEVEN representatives of Tanzania at the Olympic Games in Rio, 2016.

Pass this link around for everyone to read and know them. Tanzania Kwanza.

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