If you are a Fashionista wearing Glasses,this is for you! #FineWomenInGlasses

 In case you missed the weekend twitter convos,there was an interesting hashtag that caught my attention... #FineWomenInGlasses
 Yes,these are just few of the veeery fine women in glasses! Being one, I remember the many times i was called Macho Manne (The Four Eyed) and so on...

 Rock your glasses gal!
People never understand the struggle..like when your frames just don't go with your lit outfit!

Or when your makeup is on point but you still have to put 'em glasses on! But geek or not...
 Fine fine fiiiiine women!

 Need I say more?!
This reminds me,i can't seem to find my reading glasses...

The hashtag was started by @DeeRene_ ...and we appreciate it!

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