The Classic Looks you can Rock at the Nyamachoma Festival this December

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 Missie Popular 0 Comments

 So,the Nyamachoma festival is back...and we both saw who will be there as performers...Darasa,Fid Q,Maua Sama,Dogo Janja Rosa etc... Almost all being the attraction for the college students rather than you,the young Corporate Lady/Gentleman... Take heart,the Nyamachoma festival is still an amazing event to mingle with your crew and even meet and do business with like minds...So,how do you make it the event of your caliber? Dress like the Young Corporate Lady/Gentleman that you are...
 Not necessarily with heels...but you get the idea...
 While you are at it, remember the event is also a great place to let your child/children socialize and enjoy the outdoors...
 Dress them to fit your status ...

 Choose wisely
Be the gentleman that you the ROLE MODEL that those college kids are looking up to..

And one more thing, make your presence felt. Enjoy the company of like minds by sitting at specific tents/tables, enjoy good conversation and don't hold back when that good music hit you...everybody know that DARASA is the new lit thing in town :)


Missie Popular

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