Meet Remy, the Wife-To-Be to Tanzania's rapper A.Y on Instagram, Tanzania's legendary rapper A.Y decided to break the internet..and he did it by simply posting the below bombshell,declaring his love n' all! As you know,here is where you get all info concerning the lifestyles of Tanzanian celebs (the truth only :)),we went diggin and this is what we found!
Her name is Remy...and isn't she a beauty!! Mashaallah!

Remy does a lot of things, including modeling and acting,,,She had a chance to act alongside Eriq Bouaney who appeared in Transporter 3, 3 Days to Kill etc

This beauty is of Rwandan origin and you can tell by that beauty and the hair! ooooh my,that long full hair!
If you didn't know,now you know....

Happiest Birthday Wacuuuu

Missie Popular


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