New Fashion Trend 2017- The Drouser!

I tell you,we will see alot of new terms coming up this year...The drouser is already a trend not only in the runway shows but also on the streets. Now,if you ask me, we have seen and worn this trend throughout our early years,especially in Africa.

Remember that time when the dress you mama bought for you becomes too short after being worn for six years...and her solution is to put you on that same dress but with trousers on?, Yaaaap,that is now a fashion new trend!
 The mix can be for that casual laid back look or even a classic red carpet ensemble
 Some designers like Versace or Ellie Saab has gone an extra mile to give this design a new definition. Like what Gigi Hadid is wearing above (left)

What do you think? yaaay or naaaay?

Missie Popular

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