A Review of the Tanzanite Curves Fashion Show-March 2017

 Lets kick off the conversation with the orga ization,venue and choreography of the show. The Tanzanite Fashion Show took place at a Dance Studio in Masaki. The room was very ideal for the fun Sunday show BUT...lighting was a challenge. Moreover,the show was late to start,and you could see the organizers getting more stressed by the minute. I honestly felt sorry for them,since i do events for a living and i totally understand how panicky one can get. Overall, the organizers managed to pull off their first event with success,thanks to the great DJ,MC and Frankie who did great performances. We were able to overlook the rest.
 Moving to the designers and models. Frankly,I was not impressed with the runway show at all! The models were amazingly confident,beautiful and fun..BUT the designers went for the very usual!! It was Kitenge this,kitenge that...same cuts,same prints we see everyday...just...the same things. I was so excited that for once we are going to see something different...sadly,the only difference was the sizes... Designers...and in this regard am calling the attention of all Tanzanian designers...there is a long way to go...This market is very ripe but we are missing the opportunity
 Red Carpet....the event was a laid back Sunday affair which promoted casual looks and less stilleto heels. Jeans and Tees,casual lil floral dresses, jumpsuits, fun mini skirts and shorts are some of the outfits that rocked the red carpet. Now,in every event,there are those who go an extra mile to leave a mark. Under dressing and over dressing are to be expected,and this event was no exception. Nelly Kamwelu,former Miss Universe showed up with a crop top and leggins,covered in paint from her previous day event...Lavido gave our eyes something to feast on...Ally Rehmtulah gave us cleavage and Miss Tanzania showed up in....
A white satin dress with an open back and all... Dont get me wrong,besides the usual bad hair,i love this look! Only that it was sooooooo NOT for this event.On top of that,Miss Tanzania arrived late at the event,sat at the back row even though there were sits at the front row...A friend of mine had a very hard time to convince me that SHE actually knew what event she was coming to... For her position,this is a call for an urgent intervention for a stylist,publicist,and a mind change expert! The last part being of more emphasis,because I just dont understand how all this noise fail to push her to seek help and do better...Anyhow,I rest my case.

Looking forward to the second edition of Tanzanite Curves fashion show...Best of luck to Kareen and team.

Missie Popular

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  1. Now I feel honored my picture to be used as an example of how to pull off on an event like that ����������������