From the Red Carpet of KIUMENI Movie Premiere

 It was amazing!!!! Let me start there kabisaaaa.... The movie was so good,we laughed and laughed through it all! Bongo Movie has shown some light at the end of the tunnel and we couldn't be happier! Forgive my exclamation marks,i am thaaaat excited! The new faces we saw on this movie,starting with the above beauty Antu Mandoza,giiiirrrrl you are so good!
 Idris Sultan played a drug dealer and he convinced me! By the way, doesn't he look dashing!? brother....THANK YOU! We did Going Bongo movie and it was a good start...KIUMENI is a step forward and a very positive one. The conversations, the humor and characters in this movie are just perfect! And celebrating our own music and legends like Matumla,that was a very good idea
 Mzungu Nelly appears in the movie in a very small part but leaves a mark. Personally am looking forward to seeing more of you girl!

 Akbar...Barr...this was quite a debut. I believed the stutter and all.
 Now to the red carpet looks.... Stars and Invited guests showed up in various styles and fashion statements...most looked the part and some went their usual jeans and tee kinda
 I re-rocked this Amina Design mini dress from 2012...its a wonder that i still fit in it!
 I kinda dig this look... Model Zara
 In the movie,he plays one of the gangstars in the hood...I guess he wanted to bring the character to the red carpet as well
 I wish she had traded the boots for nice feminine sandals or pumps
 Insert your comment...
 One of my disappointments of the night. Its not that he doesn't know how to dress up,i feel like he just took this very lightly. Dear Joh,imagine you are launching your music video and you ask people to come dressed up smartly...and people showed up like this....sigh
 Fashion,movies and music can never be separated
 I loooove these pearl sandals...I was looking at this lady's feet all the time,i hope she didn't
 Dada Mboni of the Mboni show went for the African print with jeans and beautiful pointed pumps. There is something about this look that I like...and one part,the ripped jeans part...that i wish was different. Saved by the pumps and of course,the Uru diamonds
 Mr. Mbasha loves his stripped trousers aisee! Daaah...that pull neck had me dead and back
 Ooooh..this is the full look....
 Still can't get enough of this suit...perfect fit
 It was great to see Wanko there as well. She is quite an inspiration,no obstacle can hinder you from achieving your dreams
 The lady in the middle plays an interesting role in the movie...she is a star in the making,mark my words!

 It was so much fun...if you missed it,pole sana

Many congrats to Ernest, Nick Maro and the entire cast and crew of Kiumeni. You have given us a taste of the good Bongo movie,now we want more!

Pictures by Geoffrey

Missie Popular


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