What to wear- the Kiumeni Movie Premiere

 Tonight is the premiere for the Kiumeni movie by Ernest Napoleon. The movie premiere will take place at Century Cinemax,Mlimani city...with expected A List invited guests..which prompted me to write this post,just so...i can help the Diana-kind of celebs who still have a hard time understanding themes and event dress codes. These are some suggestions of what to wear
 Smart or Smart casual is the ideal choice for a movie premiere...Smart casual if you are an invited guest...and smart for the Cast and crew for the movie in question. I used this image of Ramsey Noah from Nigeria,so we can relate...fellow African and all...you get?
 For ladies...the choices are endless. You can opt for a mid dress like this,in various colors...but do not forget your heels please! They can be sandals or pumps
 Expecting celebs...Linah and Faiza,I see youuuuu....
 For the love of jumpsuits....Ooooh I already feel like this look is calling me! Maybe I re-rock a jumpsuit tonight?mmmmhhhh
 So many fun yet smart choices...someone send this post link to Miss Tanzania please
 The above apply mostly to the invited guests. The cast and crew,that is a different issue...since you are on the spotlight, please go an extra mile and VUNJA KABATI!
This is more like it....(not the boob peeking...but you get my point)...

See y'all at the red carpet...and later, on a Best and Worst dressed post right here ;))

I am baaaaaaacccck!

Missie Popular


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