Louis Vuitton Collaborates with Artist Jeff Koons for a bag series

Jeff Koons is one amazing artist who time and time again,has shown his mastery and passion for oil painting. This time,he reveals just that,through a series of designer bags by Louis Vuitton, whereby we are taken through an art history class involving the Kings of it all, Van Gogh, Titian, Da Vinci, Rubins and event Fragonard!
 Where to buy them? Well,this series will only be available on selected stores and you will not be able to buy online! Yeppp...
 Unlike the normal LV bags,these ones have an additional logo KJ,the artists' initials. Ooooh,did I mention that there are scarves as well? Yaaaas!

The mastery used to craft the art into these bags is just amazing! The launch for this series is scheduled for 28th April,2017.

You can check out more images through the Louis Vuitton Instagram page...

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