Why I am NOT fond of Make-up

For years now, I have been receiving this same question;You are a blogger,why aren't you doing makeup like the rest? Well....The picture above is of me with only a hint of lipstick as make-up..which is what I do all the time. Lipstick seems enough especially on my day to day routines,where I get to do all that an Event Coordinator and Marketer does. I know I am too beautiful to hide all those great features in layers of foundation and blush...but that is besides the point....And that is NOT the main reason why I am not such a fun of make-up on a daily basis. Here is why;

I am a very practical person. Having to sit in front of a mirror for half an hour or more everyday,just doing my eye brows, it all seems too much of a hustle to me. I really commend all working women who can work up early in the morning, do their makeup to perfection and make it to work on time...you guys are phenomenon!

Most of the events I attend require me to look a certain presentable way...which mostly involves dressing up and doing makeup. Now, my problem is finding the right makeup that I am comfortable with. Above is a picture of me during the Miss Universe Tanzania finale in 2015,where I was part of the Judges table. Glam Madam did our makeup and this was the outcome of a much requested minimalist/natural look. Do you see my point?

One thing I always ask people who do makeup daily is,why? I only ask this to those who can not see day light without makeup...who can never let anyone see their true features without contours and brows on fleeeeeek!
 I believe makeup is supposed to accentuate your features and NOT transform you to a barbie doll that you are not....It is supposed to blend your color and hide those black spots,but not introduce a totally new skin color on your face and leave you looking like a clown :(. Above is a look created by Ndibs Style makeup studio, as I prepared myself to attend the EATV Awards night 2016. This day made me realize how beautifully featured my face is! Ooooh,I also found out that my face is actually darker than the rest of my body...so the makeup artist had to mix several foundations and powders, to get this look. I can't imagine doing this process EVERY SINGLE DAY

Yeah yeah...such a cliche,i know...But hear me out. We both know that makeups are made of a long list of chemicals, and every chemical reacts differently to different people. Now, I know there are "organic" lines and I tried the Luv Touch Manjano beauty line which is made of natural ingredients, however, my too oily skin is yet to find a perfect match. Trial and Error on my skin is a NO NO....thus,I choose to stay far away.

After all the blah blah above, I believe it is all about someone's choice. You decide what you want and how you want it...If everyday makeup is something of your choice....and not the pressure of looking like Lulu,Hamisa Mobeto, Wema or the Kardashians...then go for it! Still, if you are an occasional makeup user like me,enjoy! Not forgetting, those who can not see themselves using makeup ever....don't apologize for your choices!

At the end of the day, Choices define Us.

Missie Popular


  1. You look great without make-up and I respect you as writer. All the way from South Africa.