Back to Basics- the Abaya Story

Friday, June 09, 2017 Missie Popular 0 Comments

An Abaya is essential for every Muslim woman. They come in various colors, designs and choose what look better on you. Budget-wise, Abayas range from 50,000Tshs to 500,000Tshs depending on the quality and the accessories it comes with. I got mine for less than 100,000Tshs
Since I rocked the Abaya in my day office (yes,i have a night job too :))...well,I decided on colors that are not too bright and shouty...also I wore black closed shoes instead of sandals/wedges that are customary for Abayas
One thing I noticed though...this Abaya makes me look bigger than normal :(...I guess i need to find one in my right size
Otherwise, my day is made! Ramadan Karee to you and your family....

Jumaa Maqbul

Missie Popular

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