Dear Instagram Husband

It may sound funny but it is a REAL problem. Yes, there is something called Instagram Husband and it is not a fashionable trendy good thing,it is a disease! Men are complaining of being reduced to a SELFIE STICK or camera stand,ahahaha sorry,its just a bit funny....

So,apparently men are still complaining of their roles in our Instagram and Snapchat lives. They want to go on a date with us without taking that COUPLE GOALS picture or that "Shoelfie"...or eat without that FOOD PORN picture to show our beautiful looking plates! I thought it was just a street talk until I came into contact with Ooooooh My Lawwwd! Check the video below

These guys look like they have been hit by a train! Such exhaustion,my God!

Are you an Instagram Husband/Boyfriend? Leave your comment below,what was the most embarrassing moment?

Missie Popular


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