By Willy Nkya

    Hip hop music, also called  rap music, is a music genre developed in the United states by inner-city African Americans in the 1970s which consists of a stylized rhythmic music that commonly accompanies rapping  , a rhythmic and rhyming speech that is chanted. It developed as part of hip hop culture, a Subculture defined by four key stylistic elements:MCing/rapping,DJing/scratching with turntables,break dancing and graffiti writing.

Hip-hop music has reached the cultural corridors of the globe and has been absorbed and reinvented around the world.

 Surprisingly today hip hop music, has also touched the grounds of the fashion world, before, hip hop artists were seen as the ill dressed and just off style .Today we see hip hop artists making it to the best dressed list and some even finding their way in designing  and fashion collaborations .After watching the  Vogue 73 questions  interview with Sean combs (P.Diddy) .He Talked so much upon Hip Hop and Fashion.this gave me the thirst to look upon the relationship between these two.
In the 73 questions Diddy answered the following fashion questions.
Vogue:whats the best thing ,you have ever worn ?
Diddy:I have a vintage Ralph lauren ,Double breasted tuxedo .
Vogue :Who is your style icon ?
Diddy :Dapper dan.
Vogue :Who is your fashion mentor
Diddy :My Mother.
Vogue:Who is your favorite fashion designer
Diddy :Tom Ford.
Vogue :How has hip hop influenced fashion ?
Diddy :Hip hop has changed the world of fashion ,Look at Gucci.
Vogue :How does fashion influence you, when you are recording?
Diddy :If am not fresh!i cant make a hit.

 Do you see how short the answers are??I just needed more .and here I am giving you more upon Hiphop and fashion.Today we see international Hip hop artist just killing it in the fashion world,rappers like Kanye west,A$AP Rocky ,Pharrell Williams,Nas,P.diddy,T.I,Nicky Minaj,50 Cent,Snopp Dogg and Iggy Azelia just to name a few.not forgetting our East African rappers who are making an Effort in the fashion World as well,like Prezzo,The whole Weusi crew,Kaligraph Jones ,Mwana FA,AY,Dogo janja,Quick Racka,Young D and etc.
Recently we see The Tanzanian Artist Chin bees ,who he refers himself as "Prince of Trap" on his "Nyonga Nyonga"music video him and his dancers were dressed by A Tanzanian designer Samwel Zebedayo .                                    

chin Bees
The Tanzania hip hop crew "Weusi" has had a great influence to the Tanzanian fashion by giving us their signature Arusha stlye.These guys always make a statement in what they wear ,whether its on the red carpet,music videos and the streets ,They have been known to promote African taste of fashion in wearing several African designs from local designers like their Morogoro Fiesta Show their performance outfit was designed by Hameed abdul ,a designer from Medy Fashion House .

weusi crew

Rosa Ree.
Its hard to talk about Tanzanian hip hop ,and not mentioning the "Rap Goddess"Rosa Ree.apart from just being a Rapper she has also become a style icon,talk about her signature hairstyle and her unique taste in fashion .truly her style is "Up in the air".

Izzo Bizness has been among one of the fresh looking hip hop male artists in Tanzania.his personality and good taste in style has always made bongo fleva hip hop fun to watch .
izzo bizness and Girlfriend (Abela Music)

A.Y one of Tanzanian Hip Hop legends .famously known  in East Africa as "Mzee wa Commercial"has been one of the pioneers of Tanzanian bongo fleva hip hop,he has also showed us that you can go from being old school hip hop fella  with dread locks to a more dapper and sharp looking brother.AY style has changed over the year and we truly like what we see now.as he calls himself  "The Butcher" he is truly cutting us a piece of that style meat.Lol!
kanye west designs at New york fashion week

Nickminaj MAC lipsticks
Its no doubt that  hip hop culture is spreading into fashion,and we just love it.seeing international designs like kanye west Yeezy ,P.diddy Sean John clothing and fragrance, 50 cent G-unit ,pharrell  sunglases ,snoop clothing line ,Jay Z roca wear ,Lil wayne Trukfit line ,Nicky minaj Mac lipsticks and etc.
Hip hop is truly a fashion game changer

Kanye West Addidas Yeezy Boost

Pharelly millionaire L.Vutton Sunglasses

lil wayne -Trukfit 2013 collection

Lastly Diddy said  "Hip hop music today is taking over the world!"
and my version of this is that "Hip hop music today is rapping its way into the fashion world" Lol!