By Christine

Let's face it, it's not easy being positive and upbeat constantly. Gloomy day at work, busy lifestyle, fight with a friend or whatever else it is can instantly change our mood and it can feel like a battle. Don't loose hope just yet, because there is something you can do to improve your mood!! Here are seven things you can do.....

Dose #1: Shop Smart

To get more happiness from your money do not just shop for stuff and things, instead try to shop for experience that can bring you good feeling whenever you think about it. That could be going on a trip, date with your friends and family or that food that you have not yet tasted.

Dose #2: Do a good deed

There is more happiness in giving than in receiving, so if you are able help the less fortunate than you are, give out gifts for family and friends, and so on. Get involved with society by doing things like charity walks, sign up to help others in non government organizations or just donate to different funds.

Dose #3: Flip through old photos

Going through your old photos can help you re-live those moments you enjoyed and experienced in your life and bring out good vibes and feelings to you. It will help you to be more grateful for what you have and be more positive about what you are going through now.

Dose #4: Go with the flow

Be relaxed and accept a situation rather than trying to alter it or control it because sometimes we do not have the power or control over a matter we are dealing with. This doesn't mean you should be lazy or passive instead you do not worry too much and do what you only can do at the time.

Dose #5: Have something to look forward to

Try to plan something to do later that you are excited about, something as simple as brunch with a friend, concert (event) to attend, a trip or celebration. Life can be very busy but having somewhere to escape to can be a great stress breaker!

Dose #6: Think happy thoughts

This is because your thoughts form your character and how you operate in the world. Thinking positive,happy hopeful and optimistic creates a sense of well being. All your actions proceeds from your inner thoughts hence, you will become a happy person and manage well stress.

Dose #7: lighten up

Bright light can instantly upbeat your mood and contribute to a better sounder sleep. Try to expose yourself to natural light as much as you can so and make sure your bedroom gets much light as any other room in your home.


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  1. Nice realistic tips for sure. Dose #3 has given me a wake up call to make a photo book.