Khadija Mwanamboka interview on her NIDA Partnership

This past week,I had a chance to interview the legendary Tanzanian designer, Khadija Mwanamboka. This came through after her recent collaboration with NIDA, a Tanzania textile company that produces majority of Tanzania's Kitenge material.

Below are few questions we tackled together...and a series of pictures from the NIDA collaboration launch

M.P:  What is the whole idea behind your partnership with NIDA?

Khadija: The aim of my partnership with Nida Textiles is to give people Affordable Tanzanian clothing from cotton and well designed. Everything is made in Tanzania which give business opportunities to youth who are interested to work within the fashion industry

M.P: Does this mean now Khadija Mwanamboka's designs are going mainstream and can be purchased anywhere?

Khadija: Yes after 22 years as a fashion designer now my designs can be purchased at shops in Kariakoo, Kinondoni, Sinza and other parts of Dar es salaam at a very affordable price and will also sell online on USA online shop

M.P: What do you think is the future of Fashion in Tanzania, when industrialization is concerned. 

Khadija: I think the future is bright, we just have to work harder to find investors to establish clothing factories so our designs can go in mass production.

M.P: On that note,is this partnership (with NIDA) long term or a once off?

Khadija: It's a long term partnership, and so far, the children's clothes are a super hit Alhamdulilah

The collection -Khadija Mwanamboka For Nida is made of all nida textiles fabrics from vitenge and kanga 100%Tanzanian Pamba and it will remain like that but later will mix these fabrics with western fabrics to give the designs more international touch

M.P: Many congrats!! Judging from the pictures, your designs are 100% made from Kitenge. Who do you think will benefit more from this NIDA partnership?

Khadija: The Tanzanian Youth for Khadija Mwanamboka for Nida entrepreneurship opportunity! We will be giving them clothes to sell, also our Tanzanian tailors will be paid for stitching for mass production. I am super proud of them as they made me realize it can be done 100% in Tanzania and it compliments our slogan #PambaYetuMavaziYetu

This trickles down to the Cotton farmers to compliment the above slogan. Now farmers will be able to build better houses and will be able to give their children quality education

M.P: You always sound so selfless and giving! From Sense International to NIDA,you seem to be doing alot of projects! How do you do it all?

Khadija: Alhamdulilah I'm good at multitasking and I believe we all can do it if we plan well and create our calendars 3 to 6 months before doing things. At the moment I already know what I'm doing next year upto June inshallah God willing.

M.P: Thank you very much for sitting down with M.P for this interview. Can we expect you for the Youtube video interview as well?

Khadija: Mweeee! We will see about that (she laughs shyly)

What do you think? Should we have Khadija Mwanamboka on our #Mshamba101 Youtube series? Which topic would you want her to talk about?

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