THE 2017 WCWs

By Willy Nkya
   Who knew it will come a time when we would say , “this is the last Wednesday of the year” .Yap!!it is actually .2017 had a lot of Wednesdays ,and as the millennial traditions ,we shared our WCW’s throughout the year .Well ,in today’s post I dedicate it to all women who made fashion headlines for the year 2017 ,mostly through the help of their instagram accounts .Lol!! before I get to my WCW list ,just know ,I can’t remember everyone but as much as I can remember, I will be happy to share.let the listing begin!!


The Ugandan beauty ,and Tanzania’s shemeji/wifi ,made fashion headlines this year ,the mother of 5 ,apart from being a momprenuer,she has always had time to give us a piece of her style. Whether it’s on the swimming pool, at work, travelling and her white parties  ,Zari the boss lady  just made us double tap our screens when it comes to her instagram account.

If 2017 wasn’t her year then I don’t know which one will, The Famous Tanzanian Video vixen and model ,made our necks hurt just scrolling down her pics and drama as well. The Swahili fashion week award style icon nominee,is truly heads over heels when it comes to fashion. We just can’t forget her pregnancy photos ,her baby shower and her 40 days after birth .Mama Dully clearly  has no sign of slowing down.

   Its hard to speak of Tanzania’s hottest  female and leave out Lulu,if you are not on drugs then I guess a mental institution has a room just for you. Lulu gave us what we just needed when we signup on our instagram account. I cant remember a moment where I was disappointed when I saw lulu anywhere ,on the streets, redcarpets, parties, interviews and at home, she made sure to keep her fashion reputation where it belongs. Despite that 2018 we wont get a chance to enjoy her style, but we believe when she finishes serving her time in prison .her grand return will make us forget the pain that we had to go the whole year without her. We Miss you Lulu and we are praying for you .

Talk about Miss Tanzania 2000,A mother of Two ,a wife of Tanzania’s biggest business man, An Entrepreneur with her own company, and award winning furniture designer and style icon, her intro is endless, I can go on and on all day. Jackline  Mengi quenched our fashion and lifestyle thirst .by giving us some of that Ntuyabaliwe style in 2017.I just wonder what she has in stored for us in 2018.

Do you remember that Girl who was wearing black standing next to beyonce ,Jay Z and Blue Ivy at a basketball game ,yap that’s non other than Jokate “Kidoti” ,This Tanzania’s superstar has always impressed us with her good good  style, this year she was nominated at the Swahili Fashion Week award as the style icon of the year. Though she didn’t win but in our hearts she is already a winner .

   Wolper stylish as her username on Instagram ,she has made fashion headline especially after stepping into designing ,she runs her fashion house “House of stylish” and we just love her designs. The Tanzanian Bongo Movie actress has always given us something to talk about whether its her relationships or just The tecno werevaa comments, truly 2017 has been a fashionable year thanks to Mamaa House of stylish

Wema sepetu fame is Endless kabisa. Her star is shinng brighter and brighter each day ,The former Miss Tanzania 2006 and famous actress ,made sure we saw her curvy body on those Elisha Red label dresses.although in 2017 she deleted all her instagram photos and said she wanted to start a fresh .she came back with this heat that we don’t want her to cool down .keep on slaying wema.

Vee money ,The Cash Madame herself!, is that cake that we wanted to cut to all the birthdays in 2017.her taste of fashion is unpredictable but Goooood!!whether it was a music video or just a performance ,Vanessa always made sure to keep us talking about what she wore. and her plan worked so well. 2018 will be a good year for her, because her album is coming out “Money Mondays” we can’t wait to hear it .


Its no doubt that there are women who deserve to be on this list,but like I said before I am only Human,I forget sometimes .Feel free to leave us your comments on what you think,
Happy new year!!

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