By Willy Nkya
 Well its Thursday right!!lets take a moment and look back upon our favorite( actually my favorite) fashion moments this year 2017. We all know 2017 marked so many events that kept our diaries and calendars filled with so much. For the fashion lovers we had so much to talk about this year. In case you forgot let me take you back.
1.      The scent we deserved from Diamond Platnumz 
       Talk about the Boy from Tandale as he calls himself,Diamond Platnumz, one of Tanzania’s and East Africa’s biggest bongo flavor superstar .This year he introduced his scent “Chibu Perfume” with the slogan “The scent that you deserve”  we definitely deserved it. He officially  launched his perfume on the 21st of April 2017 at GSM mall pugu road,and since its launch, Chibu perfume has crossed boarders in Africa and even touching  down to Obamaland USA as well. Diamond truly is an example to what stars should do when they get that fame. We can’t wait for what you have installed for us in 2018 . Thank you Diamond for making us smell good.

2.     The  Miraculous birth of Prince Kario Michael Magese
the 1st pic when she shared the news
    After a long  battle with her disease (endometriosis),Tanzania’s supermodel and former Miss Tanzania 2001 Millen Magese as some may know her as  Happiness Magese was blessed with  baby boy Kairo ,who she termed as “Miracle baby”. Millen kept her silence throughout her pregnancy but after giving birth on the 13th July 2017, she shared the news on her Instagram. This news became talk of the nations, everyone said Kairo will be the pride of her mother and a reminder that God works in mysterious ways. Millen Truly brought hope to women across the world that they shouldn't give up hope in whatever they are suffering from,God has a better plan for them. We definitely  believe  that, with a beautiful,focused,determined and hardworking  mother like Millen  its no doubt that Kairo will turn out to be a Fine young Man. We love you and we pray for you.. Karibu Tanzania Kairo..
millen pregenacy photos!!

3.      The Grand return of Deogratius Kithama
   We all love Mr Fashoooon!! Deogratius Kithama ,the Tv Host, took a break on 2016 from his EATV hit show Nirvana, and some of us were left devastated! But thank God time went by and on 18th July 2017,Deo came back on our screens,and ever since his return he just made it better and better. From the  helicopter to the Yacht ,from the  red carpets to hanging out with football stars, we now understand why he needed that break. Bienvenue monsieur la mode (Welcome back Mr Fashion in French Lol!)

4.      Idris Sultan shoe line
    At first I was confused ,upon what Idris Sultan was up to...when I saw the hashtag #SultanByformen. I obviously thought it was a perfume,but Idris took us by surprise by saying its actually a shoe line. Idris launched the release of his classy male shoes at Hyatt Regency hotel Dar es salaam on the 31st August 2017 , in case you want to see more of his launch just visit Missie Popular vlog by clicking the link 

Idris will remember 2017 cause he just won the Swahili fashion week award, and the ASFA 2017 awards as the Style icon for 2017 ,Congratulations Idris ,keep on inspiring hustlers like you .

5.      10 years of Ally Remtullah
Ally Remtullah has been that designer who made Tanzanian fashion a thing. He has inspired lots of young designers in Tanzania. Apart from his playful hair styles,its hard to believe that it has actually been 10 years with Ally Remtullah....My big question is  “what does he eat??”he just keep getting better with age. Ally celebrated his 10 years by hosting a major fashion show at Serena hotel Dar Es salaam on the 5th August 2017,were it was invited guest only. ooups Sorry!!.Ally shared his 10 year journey and we are just glad to be part of his journey. One of my favorite Ally quotes is “You can’t put a price on creativity ……..” Goo Ally make us proud! We look forward to 20 years of AR celebrations, inshallah!
read more about the 10 years of AR on our previous post

If you think there is something forgotten this year ,kindly comment below and maybe i could share your story on the next edition, next Thursday. Otherwise see you next Thursday for more 2017 best fashion moments .

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