Was 2017 the year for these Tanzanian Designers?

By Christine

Our country has been blessed with amazing and talented fashion designers who keep representing us well to the world. When you talk about Tanzanians designers, names like Ally Remtullah, Khadija Mwanamboka, Mama Africa and Mustafa Hassanali are a must talk since they have been in the industry for the longest time.

But, lately new talented designers have been emerging with new ideas and fashion point of views which all has raised our flag very well and we can't be more proud of them. Names like Kyamirwa, Elisha Red Label and Fifi Sugar design have been buzzing a lot in the social media because now for me whenever i scroll through my Instagram i see their beautiful designs that have been worn by many celebrities and other people.

Both of these designers, Kyamirwa, Elisha red label, and Fifi sugar designs create beautiful custom made wedding dresses and other evening dresses or red carpet dresses that are well loved by people.
I really like the fact that they design and tailor custom made wedding dresses because every bride deserves to wear something unique, that personalize her yet beautiful something which its not easy to get when you buy a ready made dress.

Until recently, wedding designs for women and even for men, is an area that was not very well utilized in the Tanzanian fashion industry. Hence it is easy to see why there has been such great response from people to these upcoming designers because they are here to make every girl's wedding dream come true!

Here is some of their work of art...........

1. KYAMIRWA ( @kyamirwa) 

2. ELISHA RED LABEL (@elisha.red.label)

3. FIFI SUGAR DESIGN (@fifi_sugardesign)

It is true without a doubt that they are talented designers who bring out the best of each person's beauty. It also shows that for these designers, 2017 was their year and we hope and pray it continues to be their year come 2018!! Would love to hear your comments on these amazing designers and tell us who else should be on this list.



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