By Willy Nkya
      Looking good has been at the bottom of most men’s checklist in the past ,but this new era of dudes its all about the swag and looking all fresh. Recently we have seen multiple hairstyles from the guys, some are really neat but others are just terrible. Sometimes we don’t need to blame the barber for our bad hairstyles. I personally love to see my hair looking all fly and awesome, after a good shave at the barber its up to me, to make sure my hair stays fresh and clean. Today I bring you some of the hair products that I use and I believe you should use to keep that good hair on fleek.
Picha inayohusiana

1.Shampoo (with conditioner)
Picha inayohusiana
Most of guys have a mindset that shampoo is for girls only, but Hell No!!Shampoo is so essential especially when wanting to wash your hair, regardless your hair length shampoo is a must have. One thing to know is to make sure that the shampoo has the right chemicals that doesn’t affect your hair type. Before I buy I shampoo I make sure It doesn’t has Sulfate ,because my hair gets damaged with sulfate. So yes BUY A SHAMPOOOOO!!

                                                             2.Hair dye
we all realize how our hair tend to loose its natural color after some time, as for me my hair turns reddish as to most people as well ,That’s why a black hair dye is a must have. so just know if you see my hair shinning black just know I added a little touch with my hair dye. My hair dye schedule is basically after two weeks time.

3.Hair Gel
After a good wash and applied my hair lotion ,the next thing that comes in my head is a hair gel ,I mostly use a Movit hair Gel (Curl activator) ,this helps to keep my hair shining and curly also it gives me a chance to style my hair differently .basically this Gel  leaves my hair luxuriously  shiny, soft and easier to comb .
                               Picha inayohusianaTokeo la picha la hair gel

                                                    4.Conditioning crème (relaxer or easy wave)
Growing up ,I always struggled with combing my hair ,the immense pain just became to much for me. But after starting college I got a chance to work on my hair, and a hair relaxer made my long hair dreams come true. Most guys use easy waves to style and relax their hair for an easy comb and just adding style in your hair. I mostly condition my hair monthly ,its not something I do regularly due to its effect ,so its important to know that excessive use of hair relaxes might cause serious damage to your hair. So be careful while applying.

5.Hair Lotion (Pink oil moisturizer)
At first ,I was just using pink lotion just because I liked how it felt on my hair ,but after using it from sometime I just couldn’t stop using it ,because I realized ,it protects and restores lost essential hair oils, moisture and rejuvenate damaged hair. It basically protects my hair from brittleness and dryness caused by heat styling tools, this gives me healthy hair and maintains my hair natural beauty .

                                      Tokeo la picha la pink lotion for hair

     Like I said before. These are the products I personally use for my hair, but there are more products out there that has great impact on your hair too. If you use any other different hair product, kindly share it in our comment tell us about it ,and maybe we might include it on our next edition about hair.
Thanks, Stay blessed .


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