Here are Your 5 Wardrobe essentials

By Christine

Life can be very busy and it's not easy to get time or the money to go shopping regularly. This is why at this post i have compiled a list of five timeless pieces which are must haves and you can easily pair them up or change the look from official to casual.

NOTE: When you want to buy classic timeless pieces you have to consider their quality because we want them to last long and also you will be saving money by doing so. Also make sure they fit you perfectly or close to perfect without forgetting they should be comfortable and versatile.

1. The Collared Shirt

We can all agree that this is one of the most timeless piece ever as i have seen it for as long as i could remember. It is a must have on your wardrobe as you can wear it up or down, and it is so versatile!
Here is how you can style it from office to casual to classic..

PS: Once you find your fit, be sure to have one in blue, white or plaid (stripes).

2. The T-Shirt

This is another must have as you can pair it up with jeans, pencil skirt or trousers. So be sure to pick your fit well and have fun styling it. You can have a long sleeve or short sleeve or even better one with prints. Here is some of the ways you can style it.

3. The Black Dress

Everybody needs the black dress in their closet. This is very important as it can never go out of style and you can switch it up easily by just accessorising it according to your theme of the day. Here is some of the ways that you can wear it. 

4. The black ankled pant / jeans 

This is another wardrobe staple as it is very easy to wear and it's one of those pieces that are really timeless. It allows you to be formal or casual depending on the occasion. The blank ankled pants are perfect for office wear and they are so fashionable! Here are some of the ways to wear these outfits... 

5. The pencil skirt 

Another one of my favourite outfit, I think everyone should have this because it really brings out your shape (curves) and its perfect for any occasion. Wear it to the office, date night, casual, it all looks fab!! Some inspo on how to wear your pencil skirt... 

PS.. I prefer black pencil skirt as it is more versatile, but don't be afraid to add some colors and prints to your wardrobe!! 

So... Having those essentials will literally make your life easy as it will make it easy to plan your outfit. But you can always add according to your style and don't forget to leave a comment on what is your wardrobe essential and how you style it!! 



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