The A-Z inside Deogratius Kithama's life and why he left NIRVANA??

By Willy Nkya
   2018 is just that year where we see greatness at its fullest. On a sit down with Deogratius Kithama ,who to me, has been an iconic figure since he stepped to our screens as A fashion and lifestyle Tv show host of the award winning show “Nirvana”. The show has been a fashion game changer in the country and East Africa,truly  it has inspired many of us, especially in understanding the Tanzanian  Fashion Industry and finding our way around and within it..Thus, it goes without saying... Deo deserves the Title “Mr Fashooooon”. During our chit chat ,Deo  took us on a journey when an where it all began;

Today I bring you the best and interesting pages of Deo’s life. Talk about his style, Job, Girlfriend,lifestyle etc, he said it all. ENJOY

Deo’s Fashion History
  Deo’s passion for fashion was there from the start since childhood, but he gave his passion a meaning when he went to high school (Loyola secondary school) where he became the Fashion Guy ,organizing fashion shows, Modeling ,he even took charge of the fashion pages in the school Magazine and started his own Newsletter titled “The Voice” which was sponsored by the Headmaster (Father Korongo).The Newsletter was all about ,who is Who on the compound ,Gossip, fashion etc .He recalls one of his fashion Moments was When  The Tanzanian designer Mama Ailinda Sawe visited the school and did a fashion show, and Deo got a chance to Model. 

Why Deogratius left Nirvana.....
One of the big questions we asked Deo ,was why he left his hit show back in 2017 and returned after several months? This is what he shared;
"After being on the show for almost 7 years starting as a leading presenter for 5 years and later on being the leading presenter  and producer for 2 years, it got to a time where everything was really overwhelming ,and I just needed a break from it all and find my perspective of what it is that I really wanted to achieve in life." luckily his wish was granted . After being off-air for more than 6 months ,Deo finally rejuvenated enough and had a clear vision of what he wants from all this especially in balancing the Deo on Tv and The Deo in real life ,He  made a grand return on the 18th of July 2017 ,continuing  his role as the leading presenter and Producer. Its no doubt that After the break, Deo is back !!Striking us with more fashion thunder each time we see a Nirvana promo.

The 2018 Nirvana,What to expect .
 2018 will be the year of greatness! Deo gave us a sneak peek into the new Nirvana season which kicked off with an interview with Tanzanian superstar Ali Kiba, and we are looking forward to more exciting episodes like the sweet love life of Nancy and Lucca, The 64 year old Tanzanian Kim Kardashian, the African princess Nandy just to mention a few. Be sure to catch Nirvana airing on EATV each Tuesday from 21:00hrs ,to get the front row seat on what Deo has in store for us this year 

Deogratius and Love
We all have been wondering who is Deo dating??Well, maybe not you but many of us have been wondering...who is the lucky lady?!

Deo just made it clear, so ladies listen Good!
Deo’s definition of a relationship is simple ,He just wants a “Normal” relationship whereby two people can go out holding hands without causing any drama. He came to the conclusion that He will NEVER date a celebrity, so if you are not a celebrity and believes Deo is “the one”, then here is your window, slide on his DM, pour your heart out....ooooh wait! ... before you do this , Deo pointed out a few qualities of his future baby Mama. She should be Intelligent, Independent ,Humble, Hardworking, Good-looking and with a good Sense of Style. So, there you have it...

1.      His closeness to His dad ,who is a journalist for more than 36 years ,created a great foundation to the media personality we see today.
2.      Religion is among the things that keeps  Deo grounded and playing it safe, despite being in showbiz. Since he has attended a Seventh Day Adventist primary  school and we all know how disciplined these schools are.
3.      If Deo wasn’t a TV Presenter, just know that he would have been a Fashion designer, Marketer or a Lawyer
4.      If you are a celebrity and you are not Juma Jux,Bill Nas,Luca Naghesti,Elizabeth Michael,Jackline Mengi,Nancy Sumary,Vanessa Mdee,just know that you didn’t make it to Deo’s  top dressed list, So step up your Game Tz celebs !!
5.      Deo terms his sense of style as ELEGANT, DARING AND FEISTY
6.      Deo’s style icons are Karl Lagerfeld  from the House of Chanel and Donatella  Versace who Deo defines as the “epitome of an elegant woman who has no boundaries when it comes to being sexy” . mhhhhh!! now you know why Deo has a flair for elegance
7.   When Deo works out he listens to classics, like Shannon “Give me the night” .Weird right!!but that’s Deo.Lol!!
8.      The best parts of Deo’s Job is meeting new people and having a chance to share peoples inspiring journey and his worst part is obviously the immense pressure of the job that is so overwhelming.
9.      Among Deo’s hidden talents, is Acting, don’t be surprised to see Mr Kithama on the big screen soon.
10.  If you call or Text Deo around 7:00 am and doesn’t respond ,just know that he is asleep because his typical day starts at 7:30 am .#NotAmorningPerson

Deogratius and Me (Willy Nkya) photo by Missie Popular

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    Deo wants to be remembered as being fearless ,he says “ Fashion is like theater ,it’s a performance ,so you need to fear nothing ,if you can make it work then the world will have no choice but to accept it”.
Over the years we have seen Deo push multiple boundaries creating a way for some of us.After having this Interview With Deo ,My take home is an inspiring story of a young Catholic man who did nothing but work hard on his passion and chased his dreams regardless of what tried to stop him,and made sure that he leaves a mark in his field.And that Man in None other than Deogratius Kithama.


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