By Christine

As we have seen recently in the 75 golden globes awards, Female actors planned to wear black so as to protest the sexual misconduct in Hollywood and other industries. It was the perfect place as the red carpet is watched globally so it helped in raising awareness and speaking out this problem that is facing women across the globe, celebrities and non celebrities.

Although it was for the good cause some people criticized because well, haters gonna always hate!!
But here in MP team we are just happy that people especially women are uniting and standing together so as to fight for equality and remove the misconduct that has been going on for years...

So Apart from that good reason, Black is a color that represent strength, seriousness and authority. Also black is a formal, elegant and prestigious color. This is why we think you should start wearing black because normally the look can be pretty chic and as we said elegant!!
As here we love fashion so much (also black is my other fave color right now) i put together some of my favorite black looks that are really cute and bring that wow factor so that you can get ideas on how to style black clothing.

  1. Vary the fabrics and textures, and make sure the fabrics are season appropriate
  1. Add a statement piece, whether its a hat, a neck statement or an oversized jacket etc to make the look more fashionable and fit for occasions
  1. Put a belt, as black outfit has a slimming advantage but you can multiply the effect by adding a belt on it and look so snatched!
  1. Lipstick Color, make your outfit more dressy or casual with a simple change of lipstick color! Little black dress can go from day (with light lippie) to night (bold lippie) seamlessly and effortlessly.
 So ladies, let's add more black into our closet this year and become elegant, formal and strong. Because that is why we will wear black!!!



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