FAREWELL LADY IN RED ,Mama Asya Idarious khamsin

 By Willy Nkya
Asya Idarious receiving an award from Medy fashion House
    Each year on February ,Tanzanian fashion lovers got a chance to see great new talents emerge on the LADY IN RED fashion show in Dar es salaam,This fabulous platform was organized and created by Mama Asya Idarious Khamsin 15 years ago,Its really hard to believe that 15 years have gone by so fast.But we are left with great memories of The lady in Red Fashion show ,since among the big names in Tanzanian fashion industry have marked their growth through Lady in Red,names like Martin Kadinda,Ally Remtulah,Hameed Abdul,Mustapha Hassanali ,Lucky Creations,Kulwa Mkwandule,Samwel zebedayo are among designers that made their careers rise ,not forgetting Tanzania international male model Dax Cruz.Through Lady in Red ,Tanzania's  fashion industry gained a tremendous gro
wth and recognition.
    On February 9th 2018 ,was said to be the last Lady in Red fashion show to be organized by The legendary Tanzanian Female designer Asya Idarious Khamsin ,after hosting the show for 15 years ,she decided to take a break, as an organizer,allowing anyone to take the wheel and drive the Lady in Red train. The Lady in Red fashion show took place at Friday Night at King Solomon Hall in Namanga,Dar es salaam.The Fashion show began around 21:20 hrs,where we got a chance to see multiple designers showcasing their creative works,among the new designers that show cased are Neste fashion,happiness designs, Nyamungo,Mohamed Juma (22 years old),Lissa Afrisolo,Rama D,Hijab Couture ,Kisusi designs, Agusta 10 new designers,and the big names like Khadija Mwanamboka,Mustapha Hassanali,Lucky creations,Hameed Abdul and Rukia Wanene.Truly was a great fashion night out.
Apart from just celebrating fashion ,Lady in Red has always had a target of creating awareness upon Drug abuse,on this farewell night,Asya Idarious conducted a painting auction to help raise fund to support the sober houses and rehab centers in Morogoro and Kigamboni Dar es salaam.
 As Asya steps down from Lady in Red,we believe that this wont be the end of it,i kindly call upon interested parties to take control on making sure that lady in red fashion show survives ,because this is among the biggest fashion events in Tanzania,and its impacts are great beyond measures.

willy Nkya with MEDY FASHION HOUSE teams

FAREWELL LADY IN RED Mama Asya Idarious ,we Thank God for you,and we truly appreciate your effort and dedication upon improving the lives of young talented fashion minds in Tanzania ,and promoting the country's creative industry across multiple boundaries.We are looking forward to seeing you as you partake your new duty as the Vice president of Tanzania's Fashion Association .We beilive you have so much instored for us .Tunakupenda Mama wa mitindo


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