By Willy Nkya 

Disability has been a setback to most disabled people in chasing their dreams, I knowing this ,Brigette Alfred the Former miss Tanzania 2012 ,established her Foundation (Brigette Alfred Foundation) basing on empowering and being the voice of the Albino society, her Beauty with a purpose project made her to become the 2nd Runner-up   on the Miss World pageant back in 2013. After the Miss World pageant Brigette  went on with her Foundation and touched so many hearts over the years, Recently she Hosted a Fashion show at the Turkish Embassy in Dar es salaam Titled “My Skin My Pride” on the 26th of January 2018.This Fashion show gave us a chance to see beautifully young girls taking over the Runway, wearing great designs from multiple designers like Mac couture ,Enjipai jewelery ,lavo delamo designs ,Annisatanzania ,Jacques collection and from The Turkish Ambassador’s wife Mrs Yesim Dovutoglu .Truly these gorgeous models showed us that Disability is not inability .
Christine and Models (Zainab,Sabrina,Mwanahamisi and Diana ) 
  After the Show ,me and Christine managed to have a little chat with the stars of the night (The models) and they had a lot to share ,We met Sabrina  Ismail , Zainab Makala , Mwanahamisi ,Lulu Nathaniel and Diana Petro.
 The models shared upon their future plans ,what I can say they have so much in stored for you ,all they ask is the support! because they believe they have a long way to go and without your help most of their dreams are left behind .Apart from these girls walking the runway they also have Tonnes of talents ,example Sabrina Ismail loves acting and she has been acting since when she was young ,also Zainab is part of a cultural dance Group titled “Albino  revolution cultural group” .
Lulu Nathaniel photo by Kebby designs

 Their Biggest Message to the world is that, “People should understand that being disabled ,it’s not a point to segregate us,  because at the end of the day we are all humans and we can do greater things  ,Parents should understand that their child being disabled doesn’t mean he or she is a burden ,but if given a chance to get access to basic needs like education ,he or she might have a great impact in their lives .Also people should understand the great need of involving us in multiple platforms like Today we did a fashion show proving that despite having albinism we can still take part in the fashion industry.

 Lastly,I asked them upon how they see the Tanzanian fashion industry ,since they just stepped into this fascinating industry. All they could say ,is that  they see great talents in this  growing industry ,because they got a chance to wear great designs from talented designers and can’t wait to step in more fashion platforms in the country .

A round of applause goes to everyone who took part in making My skin My pride fashion show happen ,Its no doubt we need more people like Brigette,who understand that there is more to life beyond what we are used too. Congratulations Brigette Alfred .


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