Fashion Myths Busted

By Christine

When you hear the word myth what comes to your mind may be all the misconceptions that you believed when you were much younger just because an adult said so! I remember i used to believe if i swallowed any seeds of any fruits or vegetable then the fruit or vegetable will grow in my body or that if you wear red in rainy days the lightning will struck you! It's so funny that i used to believe in all that.

But the myths didn't end there, through growing up there have been many myths especially about fashion and as complicated as fashion may seem it is time to bust some of these myths that has been haunting us!!So if you have been holding to either of these myths it's time to let go...

MYTH 1: Tall women can't wear high heels

This is a total misconception, and it has affected a lot of tall women. I know a lot of my tall friends who have refused to wear high heels just because of their height. Well every woman can and should wear high heels because they make you look sophisticated and your legs look good. Just look at all these women below who look absolutely stunning with their shoe game!

MYTH 2: No color clashing or mixing accessories

For so long people have believed that you should match the clothes your wearing with your accessories or shoes. the colors must be in harmony. But guess what, this myth is about to be busted so you should play with color and you if you love both gold and silver you can always mix them and wear them together! Love this pink and red outfit below, i.e total color clashing but so cute!

MYTH 3: Glasses are not sexy

As a woman who wear glasses i can tell you this is a myth that has been haunting me and many other girls like me. It is so refreshing to bust this myth because sexy is not defined by the outer appearance only or not wearing glasses! Get yourself a good pair and don't be afraid to wear them out loud!


 So many people think yo should wear prints with plain one color pair ups and never mix prints and patterns, Well while this is true but its time to break the rules because you can mix prints and look totally gorgeous. Just know how to create a good pattern as it doesn't take a school to learn how to and master the art of mixing and matching pattern.

MYTH 5: Maxi dresses are not for short Women

It's a common misconception that petite women or short ladies can't wear maxi dresses. But guess what, with a little bit of trick and tips you can definitely wear one. Get a right fit for your height if it means to get it tailored do so, add a pair of heels and choose good patterns that will make you look pretty and focus the attention on the dress.

Therefore it is safe to say that with anything in fashion it matters with how you wear it and not what you should not wear. Learn more about yourself, what works for somebody else may not work for you and vice versa so always choose a style  that fits you and break as many rules as you can of fashion.

Till next time, XoXo! 


  1. Great post! I am seriously afraid of maxi dresses. I have 4 and wear them once a year I think. lol

    1. Hi thank you, Hope you will wear them more often from now on !!