By Willy Nkya
Rin Marii wearing her smile.Outfit by B&B apparel @musetz,photo by @cannysophen
     As we are about to celebrate international Women’s day on 8th March ,let’s start this beautiful month of March by looking at the new flower in the bongo flavor garden, Doreen Paul is a stranger in our faces ,but she is that kind of stranger that your Mom would like you to know and meet, Doreen who rocks her stage name as Rin Marii is an upcoming  Tanzanian singer who has released  songs like “Wewe” and her previous hit song “salaam”, which made Tanzanians wonder  the story behind this fresh new talent.

Rin Marii,dressed by B&B apparel,makeup by @_itsmuni

 In a sit down with Rin Marii and Her Manager (Prinzofquinz),we talked a lot upon her music and life in general. Rin Marii’s love for music began way back in primary school, as she was given the singing parts of multiple school plays and dramas  ,even though she truly wanted to be an actor, but ,it was in High school when Rin’s musical talent developed and decided to do music professionally and by 2010 her musical 
journey began. in defines music as a “Universal language”  because it’s such a strong tool in uniting people, despite their linguistic background. growing up Rin loved Indian movies which most of them are musical, she loved the music in them despite not understanding of what was been said .Michael Jackson,Ray C,Jay Dee,Bruno Mars,Jesse J,Sam smith,Ay and MwanaFA are among the few artist that inspire Rin in her music.
The fabulous Rin Marii, styled and dressed by B&B apparel @musetz photoby @cannysophen ,makeup artist @_itsmuni
 Rin Marii’s passion for music gives her a free visa to cross multiple genres of music, as she doesn’t limit herself genre wise, she does R&B ,BongoFlavor,AfroPop and a bit of Dancehall.Rin Marii is stepping in the game really bold, her confidence, vision  and determination   shows a bright future in her career ,currently Rin is being managed by Prinzofquinz from DEFINITIONS ,and 2018 is that year which will be bigger and better for Rin Marii and her management, as they expect to give us major projects , like new tracks, new music videos ,local and international collabos and so much more. Let’s just hope for the best ,like the Swahili saying goes “Yetu macho”.
Rin looking all casual,outfit by B&B aapparel@Musetz,photo by @cannysophen,makeup by@ _itsmuni
MP: Tanzania and Music, What are your comments on these two?
Rin: “I think we are very lucky, because Tanzania enjoys different genres of music, we have options when we want to listen to music ,we have Taarab, Bongoflavour, Hiphop, dancehall and basically Tanzania has it all. And in terms of the music industry, I think we are at this verge ,were its almost untapped just yet to its maximum potential ,so it’s great time to improve it because there is so much talents and it getting serious each day”
Rin on her little african dress by B&B apparel @musetz,photoby @cannysophen ,makeup by @_itsmuni
Rin apart from being a musicians, her résumé reads International Relation ,she recently quit her job at the beginning of this year, as she was facing a great challenge in balancing work life and music, but after this bold decision, in is all in the music business, and we can’t wait to see what this gorgeous full time musician has in stored for us. Rin’s message to new artist is that “work on your craft and believe in your dreams, dreams to come to reality it has to go with hard work ,the truth is there are going to be challenges here and there ,you just have to be persistent

MP. How would you define a best artist?

Rin : “I think its somebody who redefines music and brings in creativity and originality and somebody who brings something new to what was already existing in the music industry”

Recently Rin has performed at the Romantic event “Mapenzi mubashara,Aslay,Nandy and Friends” which was held at escape one, this to her is one of the biggest stage that she conquered so far, and we hope to see her in bigger stages and taking us along the way.
The playfull Rin Marii in her B&B appareal @musetz,makeup artist @_itsmuni photo by @cannysophen

1.She loves the song Hallelujah by Alexander Burke for a good karaoke night
2.Her style icon is none other than Badgal Riri(Rihanna) and her style inspiration is the actress Regina Hall
3.If you thought Rin was the One, ooupss!!Too late ,she is Taken!listen to her song “Wewe”.
4.Her stage name Rin Marii has been clipped from her first and middle names, that is Doreen Marianne.
5.Rin and her sense of style .Rin loves to look classy and still be conservative ,not showing too much melanin (Go Girl!!)
6.Everday events and life in general, are among the inspirations of Rin’s songwriting.
7.Wanna know Rin’s hidden talents? well its Acting .she could be The Tanzanian J.Lo .
Rin looking so sophisticated ,dresssed and style by B&B apparel @musetz,face done by @itsmuni and photoby the courtesy of @cannysophen
  Rin’s musical vision is what I think all artists should have, and the best part about her vision is that it goes hand in hand with her manager’s vision #perfectcombo .having a chance to meet them both was an honor ,and as Rin’s career is taking off,don’t worry has the first class ticket to this journey.
For more on Rin Marii,check out her social media handles Instagram @itsrinmarii ,Facebook :Rin Marii and Twitter @itsrinmarii or check out her youtube account Rin Marii or the link
Rin rocking her Africanprint outfit by B&B appareal @Musetz ,makeup done by @_itsmuni and photo by @cannysophen

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